Lara Rae

Lara says farewell to 17 years as the Winnipeg Comedy Festival’s Artistic Director, and she opens up to what has made an impact on her most, both in work and personally.

The Proud Sons are in Good ”Company”

Winnipeg’s own The Proud Sons have an EP out, great single “Company”, and on a big tour with The Tea Party. HUE gets some backyard sun, and a little basement concert with the guys ...

Ron Paley And Ron Paley Big Band – Winnipeg Nightlife and Lifestyle Awards Lifetime Achievement 2019

Local musician, band leader and mentor Ron Paley talks about his career and relationships with all the musicians that have played in his band. Recognized and honoured by Winnipeg N...

Seas Sail in With New album Cursed

Seas are on the road promoting their latest album Cursed. HUE chats with Chris and Adrian about the band, family, and friendship that has anything but not cursed this happy ship of...

Midnight Shine

Midnight Shine is shedding new light on the music scene coming from not any big shiny city, but from the northern region of Ontario.

The Matchstick Skeletons “I’m The Dog”

Matchstick Skeletons do a stripped down acoustic of I’m The Dog, a new release for the band on the road promoting their new record.

The Matchstick Skeletons

New sounds from 2 old friends, Neu Mannas and Matty Carolei have created a group that really says who they are musically, and maybe just slightly crazy too. They both are candid ab...

KEN mode Locked and Loaded For Tour with “Loved”

This dynamic trio have a new album "Loved" out, and talk about touring, band life, and why they continue to make music.

Welcome to HUE!

Find out why people are saying "ilikehue" and much more!

Son Of Dave Returns to Winnipeg

Son Of Dave resides in London England, but his heart always brings him back home to Winnipeg. We catch up to him getting ready for his show at Times Chang'd and talk about the ever...