Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: James Culleton

This talented artist is the true meaning of the word, sculptor, painter, musician and now children's entertainer.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: Carlo Capriano

Carlo Capriano is a performer, and storyteller. His latest Sleeping With The Enemy can take you onto the dance floor, or have you second guessing your partner!

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Romi Mayes talks about her music, and Curbside Productions that changed the music game for a lot of local musicians during the pandemic.

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We chat with canadian artist Tamara Grace, what motivates her writing, and the power behind the music.

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Singer songwriter Francois Klark debuts on Hue At Home, talking about his South African roots, and what his influences are now that Canada is his home. Plus a look at the new Studi...

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Clarissa shares her own personal story of making her own music, and the importane of being true to yourself despite all odds.

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Niki Kennedy left home to go to music school thousands of miles away and she has never looked back. She is producing her own sound and using her skills to set her apart from the re...