Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: JR Charron

Hot off the country awards, JP Charron is one to look out for on the country music scene. He talks about his music, life and what fork in the road he will take next.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: D2UR Rock Hue Spotlight

Local rock couple Diane and Mike Isbister share what it takes to be rockstars both on and off stage, and keeping it real for 2023!

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: Brandon Post

Brandon brings his home grown music and talent to Spotlight, talking about music, family and what motivates him in this fast paced everchanging world we live in.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: Violet Vopni

Local singer songwriter Violet Vopni talks abut her music, sexuality and what keeps us bound to do the mundane instead of thinking outside the box.

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Tom Locke – Moments In Time

Tom Locke has spent his whole career in music, and his book Moments in Time is dedicated to all those unheard of, uncelebrated moments of music greatness. he also predicts what the...

6th Annual Romi Mayes Songwriters Extravaganza

The 6th annual Romi Mayes songwriters extravaganza is September 29th at The Park Theatre, featuring some of the best in the city, and Romi wants everyone to know the show starts at...

The Proud Sons are in Good ”Company”

Winnipeg’s own The Proud Sons have an EP out, great single “Company”, and on a big tour with The Tea Party. HUE gets some backyard sun, and a little basement concert with the guys ...

Seas Sail in With New album Cursed

Seas are on the road promoting their latest album Cursed. HUE chats with Chris and Adrian about the band, family, and friendship that has anything but not cursed this happy ship of...

The Matchstick Skeletons “I’m The Dog”

Matchstick Skeletons do a stripped down acoustic of I’m The Dog, a new release for the band on the road promoting their new record.

The Matchstick Skeletons

New sounds from 2 old friends, Neu Mannas and Matty Carolei have created a group that really says who they are musically, and maybe just slightly crazy too. They both are candid ab...