Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: JR Charron

Hot off the country awards, JP Charron is one to look out for on the country music scene. He talks about his music, life and what fork in the road he will take next.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: D2UR Rock Hue Spotlight

Local rock couple Diane and Mike Isbister share what it takes to be rockstars both on and off stage, and keeping it real for 2023!

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Chelsea Marie Grove – Her Story of Resilience, Hope and Love

Chelsea Marie has gone through what most people would only believe to be a movie, or not believe at all. But how she has brought herself to this point in life is truly amazing. A m...

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: Desiree Dorion and Dave Wasyliw

Desiree makes her debut on Hue Spotlight, and accompanied by Doc Walker's Dave Wasyliw. We talk about having summer fun, getting back to normal and the importance of live music.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: James Culleton

This talented artist is the true meaning of the word, sculptor, painter, musician and now children's entertainer.

Hue Spotlight with Tracy Koga: Carlo Capriano

Carlo Capriano is a performer, and storyteller. His latest Sleeping With The Enemy can take you onto the dance floor, or have you second guessing your partner!

Hue At Home with Tracy Koga: Stephanie Morin- Robert, Robyn Priest, Jana Couture, Verde Salon Spring

It is officially spring, with new hopes and new beginnings. Or maybe not. We get our laughter going with Stephanie Morin-Robert and her one woman show Eye Candy, plus some glam hai...

Murder, Deception, and Love with The Hue Crew episode 11

Stephanie Sy joins the Hue Crew to talk about her first theatre production of “Chicago” and giving power to a talented female team running the show. Plus a fantastic performance by...