Rana Bokhari’s 2022 Mayoral Campaign Launch

Rana Bokhari makes her official campaign launch for Mayor of Winnipeg. Guest speakers and Rana’s first official speech from the Tache Room at The Norwood Hotel.

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Lennard Taylor: The Artist of Lifestyle

Lennard Taylor has made a name for himself, through art, fashion and social commentary. Where does he go from here? Lennard opens up on his plan to really make a fashion statement ...

Hue Soundbytes with Tracy Koga: Ana Luis Ramos Multi-Talented!

This Brazilian born singer songwriter has a long history of music, classic and contemporary. Ana talks about finding her own voice in Canadian music.

Who Will Be Mayor? The Hue Crew Have Their Own Opinions! Episode 7

The Hue Crew get on the floor with candidates running for Mayor and ask some hard hitting questions that leave the race wide open for anyone to win!