Hue Living Room with Tracy Koga: Cynthia Fortlage, Charlotte Sytnyk, Rana Bokhari – Women And Power

Do we bode well with power? How does it make us stronger, or weaker? Plus how to handle it, these are just a few things our guests talk about, and how it affects our lives and rela...

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities

We discuss the job opportunities for the Indigenous and newcomers, what it takes and who are employing them.

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities: Are They Better?

We tackle the issue of employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples and Newcomers, what resources are out there, and the barriers they still face today.

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Joy Loewen, Shandi Strong, Leilah Perchaluk Winnipeg Women’s Conference

We have Joy Loewen from NSI who will be a guest speaker at the first ever Winnipeg Women's Conference to be held March 14th 2022. A whole day of incredible speakers, and panelist S...

Winnipeg Harvest Has Free Training Programs!

Winnipeg harvest is much more than just a for bank, it is providing free training in a variety of areas. Jade shares her experience graduating from the Kitchen Training Program!