Hue Living Room with Tracy Koga: – Sana Mahboob : New Beginnings

joining us in person is Sana Mahboob, she shares her family story, her dreams of a young girl, and now what she sees as her new beginning.

Healing Hearts -The Final Chapter, The Future Conversations

It is the last show of Healing Hearts in partnership with IPW, we reflect on the past 27 shows and where the conversation will go in the future.

Hue Living Room – The Plight of Small Business Women

Our guests in the Hue Living Room are Sherry Sobey and Nancy Dutiaume founders of Made To Grow. Since the pandemic small business owners have been at the mercy of government hand o...

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities

We discuss the job opportunities for the Indigenous and newcomers, what it takes and who are employing them.

Hue Living Room with Tracy Koga: Nadia Thompson

Nadia Thompson is our guest and she talks about Black History Month, and Human Rights, what that means now and for the future.

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities: Are They Better?

We tackle the issue of employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples and Newcomers, what resources are out there, and the barriers they still face today.