H@H| EP 05| Pivoting – 2020 The Year That Changed Everything

As we put to a close 2020, and as much that we would like to forget, we have learned to do a few things. We hear from a few people who have done just that. Sage and Tim from Shred ...

Look Good and Feel Good During Lockdown, And Some Ancient Beauty Tips

We get a simple refresher to look your best while in this lockdown and not going anywhere. Angie Zachary from Bee YOU Tee Bar shares her faves with us, and Rana gives out her beaut...

Now for Something Completely UnCOVID….

We meet local entrepreneur Maria Valencia, founder of CaroQuilla the world’s most comfortable underwear for women of all shapes and sizes! No more feeling bad because of ill fittin...

The Visage Dream and Family Life with The Esmail’s

We get a glimpse of family life with the Esmail's , and what it takes to run a successful business and a busy household at the same time.

It’s Dreams and Ice Cream on the Hue Crew!

Siuleen Liebl maybe living the dream, but it is not without hard work and perseverance as she is always one step ahead of the trends. Learn about how she did it!

Iris Pollock Recipient of The Winnipeg Nightlife and Lifestyle Award – Lifetime Achievement

Iris Pollock was the first woman to own and open a nail salon in downtown Winnipeg almost 60 years ago. The Magic Room and Spa saw generations of women go get their nails done and ...

Winnipeg Opens The Face Bar Direct from Beverly Hills!

Women in Winnipeg can now have a Beverly Hills style facial treatment developed by the woman that launched The Face Bar in her home town of Beverly Hills LA!

The Hue Crew Talk Beauty @ Visage

The Hue Crew visit Visage, and talk candidly about beauty, facial enhancements and much more!