Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: The Rez Sisters Tomson Highway Classic/ Tracey Nepinak

The director and part of the cast talk about The Rez Sisters, the Tomson Highway classic about life on The Rez still resonates strongly today. Tracey Nepinak, Ashley Cook, Katie Ge...

Healing Hearts -The Final Chapter, The Future Conversations

It is the last show of Healing Hearts in partnership with IPW, we reflect on the past 27 shows and where the conversation will go in the future.

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities

We discuss the job opportunities for the Indigenous and newcomers, what it takes and who are employing them.

Healing Hearts – Employment Opportunities: Are They Better?

We tackle the issue of employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples and Newcomers, what resources are out there, and the barriers they still face today.

Healing Hearts – Anti-Racism in Sport

A father and son share their story of racism in the hockey rink, former Blue bomber Don Burrell explains why he is a spokesperson for the Anti-Racism campaign, and Gololcha Boru re...

Healing Hearts – Family Life in 2022

We discuss the issues facing families both Indigenous and Newcomers for 2022. And what things need to change or put in place to make life better.

Healing Hearts Special: Best of 2021 with Tracy Koga

Healing Hearts has been an incredible initiative this year, and we're excited to share some memorable moments with you here. Tracy Koga, along with some familiar faces, revisit the...

Celebrating Culture and The Holiday Season

A discussion on how we will celebrate being together once again for the holidays!

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Robyn Priest, Roz Hayes and Sammi Morelli/ Mental Wellness

A frank discussion on the Hue Chat room about addictions and mental health with Robyn Priest Live Your Truth, then singer songwriter Sammi Morelli talks about her banner year of 20...