Equate Debate – Six Mayoral Candidates Give Voters A Fair Choice

Equate Debate includes all six candidates that were left out of the CBC Mayoral candidate Debate. Idris Adelakun, Rana Bokhari, Chris Clacio, Jenny Motkaluk, Rick Shone, Don Woodst...

Healing Hearts – Family Life in 2022

We discuss the issues facing families both Indigenous and Newcomers for 2022. And what things need to change or put in place to make life better.

Healing Hearts Special: Best of 2021 with Tracy Koga

Healing Hearts has been an incredible initiative this year, and we're excited to share some memorable moments with you here. Tracy Koga, along with some familiar faces, revisit the...

Celebrating Culture and The Holiday Season

A discussion on how we will celebrate being together once again for the holidays!

Hue at Home with Tracy Koga: Robyn Priest, Roz Hayes and Sammi Morelli/ Mental Wellness

A frank discussion on the Hue Chat room about addictions and mental health with Robyn Priest Live Your Truth, then singer songwriter Sammi Morelli talks about her banner year of 20...

Celebrating Indigenous and Newcomer Artists

we take a look at the local talent hear their stories of triumph and success amidst challenges they have faced in their careers.

Healing Hearts – Addictions Awareness

November is addictions awareness month, but the issues facing Indigenous and Newcomers is an ongoing battle.

Hue Soundbytes with Tracy Koga: Hue Chat Room with Peer Connections Manitoba

Hue Chat Room is all about mental health with Sean Miller, Robyn Priest, Charlotte Sytnyk and Kirsten Drybough. Family, addictions, mental illness are all addressed in this candid ...